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    Isshou Tsuzukerarenai Shigoto Side Story - Mori And Mikami

    • Author:Yamada Yugi 
    • Renew:Chapter 7: The End
    • Category:manga
    • Update:09.19
    • Tags:Romance  Erotica 
    • Intro: (, an elite lawyer at a major firm, falls in love

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    (, an elite lawyer at a major firm, falls in love at first sight with Mikami, the head of law firm Mikami & Katayama. They even had a physical relationship for a while, but eventually ended it. One day, Mori receives a call from the company he works for that a former employee has filed a power harassment lawsuit! The attorney representing the plaintiff's side is Mikami! Mori’s determined to win his first direct confrontation and become a man worthy of Mikami. Meanwhile, Mikami has mixed feelings about Mori. This is the story of Mikami, an impregnable, beautiful lawyer who keeps thinking about his lost lover, and Mori, a cocky, elite lawyer who keeps pursuing him.


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